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June 18 Poland High School Music All Souls Chapel
June 23 Poland Spring Heritage Day & Strawberry Festival  
June 25 Mollyockett Chorus Gazebo
July 2 Concert - Fanfare Concert Band & Fireworks Gazebo
July 9 Les Bijoux Gazebo
July 11 Ron Romano - Gravestones All Souls Chapel
July 16 Larry William Gazebo
July 23 Maine Highland Fiddlers Gazebo
July 25 Botanizing and Herbaria All Souls Chapel
July 30 Louis Philippe Gazebo
August 6 Grassholes Gazebo
August 8 The Rickers and the Shakers of Sabbathday Lake All Souls Chapel
August 13 Ken & Jane Brooks with Country Music Gazebo
August 20 Crooked Creek Band Gazebo
August 22 Big House Fire All Souls Chapel
August 27 Kathy Haley & Phil House All Souls Chapel
October 5 Halloween on the Hill Maine State Building