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    at Poland Spring Museums Our buildings provide the perfect backdrop for your senior, personal, or family photographs. Local photographers are welcome to use the grounds for outdoor photographs. We ask consideration of the following: • A courtesy call or email to let us know you will be using the grounds. This will ensure there are not any scheduling conflicts. Call 207-998-4142 or email contact@polandspringmuseums.org and leave us your name, telephone number and date and time you wish to use the grounds. • Making a modest donation ($25 suggested) to continue the preservation of our historic buildings. Please send your donation to Poland Spring Preservation Society P.O. Box 444 Poland Spring…

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    Poland Spring Bottling Museum

    A REFRESHING REVELATION Before Poland Spring was a famous spring water brand, it was a celebrated inn. The Ricker family built the inn way back in 1797, but it was Hiram Ricker (grandson of the first Ricker settlers) who discovered the fresh taste of the spring water at the original source. The water was so refreshing, he drank from the spring for a whole week straight (we don’t blame him). Legend has it that he believed the water benefited his health, and just like that, a wonder tonic was born. Ricker began sharing his fresh-tasting spring water with friends and neighbors, selling clay jugs for 5 cents a gallon. Soon,…

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    Our volunteers are a critical and celebrated part of our museums. We welcome all volunteers of all backgrounds and skills. We particularly need friendly, helpful volunteers for the following positions. Facilities – Maintainence Board members – Steers the direction of the musuems Docents – Welcomes our guests Gift Shop – For information please email Kayla at info@polandspringmuseums.org