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The Holiday Season at The Forrest Hills-Ricker Hotel

Article from the September 6, 1930 HillTop Weekly Magazine printed for Poland Spring Hotels

The Forrest Hills-Ricker hotel in Augusta Georgia opens its fifth season under the management of the Ricker Hotel company on Tuesday December 23rd 1930. A large number of guests are already definitely expected for the Christmas and New Year holidays.

The holiday season last year surpassed in all respects every precious season. The usual holiday throng were augmented by a considerable number of house parties, and by the arrival of numerous families taking advantage of the school holidays that occur at this time.

The Christmas season at Forrest Hills-Ricker Hotel is a gay season with many special features on the program. A permanent calendar of events assure certain definite features, proved popular in past seasons. There is the regular Christmas golf tournament, there is the Christmas tree in the lobby bearing presents for all, there is the New Years Ball, one of the outstanding social events of the south.

Inevitably, at this time of the year the climate in Augusta is ideal for golf and for all manner of outdoor sports. At this time also, quail shooting, one of the finest spots for the hunter, is at its best. The holiday season while it is filed with special attractions is but prefatory to a series of sporting and social events that follow one another throughout the season. There comes soon after New Year the events conducted under the auspices of the Augusta Polo Association, including the major feature of the Annual Horse Show, as well as many polo matches at Aiken, which is but one half hour’s ride from Augusta.

Again the Southeastern Golf Tournament will be at Augusta. It will be remembered that Bobby Jones who led Horton Smith by 13 strokes in the 36 hole tournament was the winner last season.

Many reservations for the coming season have already been received by management. Full information can be received as the office of the Poland Spring House relative to any details in question.

The management urges that you make plans early for the Christmas holidays. The Forrest Hills-Ricker Hotel at Augusta, Georgia, is the ideal place for an old fashioned Christmas with the combined attractions of the Souths winter climate and New England Hospitality.